EOSIO v2.0.1 Release Notes

This release contains security, stability, and miscellaneous fixes.

Security bug fixes

Consolidated Security Fixes for 2.0.1 (#8514)

  • Earlier block validation for greater security.
  • Improved handling of deferred transactions during block production.
  • Reduce net plugin logging and handshake size limits.

Note: These security fixes are relevant to all nodes on EOSIO blockchain networks.

Stability bug fixes

  • (#8471) Remove new block id notify feature - 2.0
  • (#8472) Report block header diff when digests do not match - 2.0
  • (#8496) Drop late blocks - 2.0
  • (#8510) http_plugin shutdown - 2.0

Other Changes

  • (#8430) Update fc to fix crash in logging
  • (#8435) [release/2.0.x] Update README.md and hotfix documentation links
  • (#8452) [2.0.x] [CI/CD] Boost will not install without SDKROOT
  • (#8457) [2.0.x] reverting fc
  • (#8458) [2.0.x] Pipeline file for testing the build script
  • (#8467) [2.0.x] Switching to using the EOSIO fork of anka-buildkite-plugin for security reasons
  • (#8515) [2.0.x] Don't trigger LRT a second time

Deprecation notice reminder

Please refer to the Consolidated EOSIO Deprecations List for the currently active set of deprecation notices.