EOSIO v2.0.7 Release Notes

This release contains stability and miscellaneous fixes.

Stability bug fixes

  • (#9223) Fix log of pending block producer - 2.0


The following logger has been added: transaction_failure_tracing. (#9252)

A detailed log that emits failed verdicts from relay nodes on the P2P network. In addition, it adds a logging statement for a failed signature condition.

New config file option: max-nonprivileged-inline-action-size. (#9262)

This option is the cap for the size of an inline action above which a transaction will subjectively fail; the default value is 4KB.

Other Changes

  • (#9170) Fix onblock trace tracking - 2.0
  • (#9201) [2.0.x] Anka version bump
  • (#9265) Remove Concurrency Groups for Scheduled Builds


  • (#9124) Update the authority example
  • (#9275) [docs] New threshold for non privileged inline actions - 2.0
  • (#9288) [docs] Fix character formatting in nodeos CLI option - 2.0
  • (#9290) [docs] Correct Producer API title in RPC reference - 2.0