Retrieves various items and information from the blockchain


  • info - Get current blockchain information
  • block - Retrieve a full block from the blockchain
  • account - Retrieve an account from the blockchain
  • code - Retrieve the code and ABI for an account
  • abi - Retrieve the ABI for an account
  • table - Retrieve the contents of a database table
  • kv_table - Retrieve the contents of a database kv_table
  • scope - Retrieve a list of scopes and tables owned by a contract
  • currency - Retrieve information related to standard currencies
  • accounts - Retrieve accounts associated with a public key
  • servants - Retrieve accounts which are servants of a given account
  • transaction - Retrieve a transaction from the blockchain
  • actions - Retrieve all actions with specific account name referenced in authorization or receiver
  • schedule - Retrieve the producer schedule
  • transaction_id - Get transaction id given transaction object