System Rex


Actions related to REX (the resource exchange).


  • deposit - Deposit into owner's REX fund by transfering from owner's liquid token balance
  • withdraw - Withdraw from owner's REX fund by transfering to owner's liquid token balance
  • buyrex - Buy REX using tokens in owner's REX fund
  • lendrex - Deposit tokens to REX fund and use the tokens to buy REX
  • unstaketorex - Buy REX using staked tokens
  • sellrex - Sell REX tokens
  • cancelrexorder - Cancel queued REX sell order if one exists
  • mvtosavings - Move REX tokens to savings bucket
  • mvfromsavings - Move REX tokens out of savings bucket
  • rentcpu - Rent CPU bandwidth for 30 days
  • rentnet - Rent Network bandwidth for 30 days
  • fundcpuloan - Deposit into a CPU loan fund
  • fundnetloan - Deposit into a Network loan fund
  • defundcpuloan - Withdraw from a CPU loan fund
  • defundnetloan - Withdraw from a Network loan fund
  • consolidate - Consolidate REX maturity buckets into one that matures in 4 days
  • updaterex - Update REX owner vote stake and vote weight
  • rexexec - Perform REX maintenance by processing expired loans and unfilled sell orders
  • closerex - Delete unused REX-related user table entries