Resource Monitor Plugin


The resource_monitor_plugin monitors space usage in the computing system where nodeos is running. Specifically, every resource-monitor-interval-seconds seconds, it measures the individual space used by each of the file systems mounted by data-dir, state-dir, blocks-log-dir, snapshots-dir, state-history-dir, and trace-dir. When space usage in any of the monitored file system is within 5% of the threshold specified by resource-monitor-space-threshold, a warning containing the file system path and percentage of space has used is printed out. When space usage exceeds the threshold, if resource-monitor-not-shutdown-on-threshold-exceeded is not set, nodeos gracefully shuts down; if resource-monitor-not-shutdown-on-threshold-exceeded is set, nodeos prints out warnings periodically until space usage goes under the threshold.

resource_monitor_plugin is always loaded.


# config.ini
plugin = eosio::resource_monitor_plugin
# command-line
nodeos ... --plugin eosio::resource_monitor_plugin [options]

Configuration Options

These can be specified from both the nodeos command-line or the config.ini file:

Config Options for eosio::resource_monitor_plugin:

  --resource-monitor-interval-seconds arg (=2)
                                        Time in seconds between two consecutive checks
                                        of space usage. Should be between 1 and 300.
  --resource-monitor-space-threshold arg (=90)
                                        Threshold in terms of percentage of used space
                                        vs total space. If the used space is within
                                        `5%` of the threshold, a warning is generated.
                                        If the used space is above the threshold and
                                        is enabled, a shutdown is initiated; otherwise
                                        a warning will be continuously printed out.
                                        The value should be between 6 and 99.
                                        A switch used to indicate `nodeos` will "not"
                                        shutdown when threshold is exceeded. When not
                                        set, `nodeos` will shutdown.
  --resource-monitor-warning-interval arg (=30)
                                        Number of monitor intervals between which a
                                        warning is displayed.  For example, if
                                        `resource-monitor-warning-interval` is to 10
                                        and `resource-monitor-interval-seconds` is 2,
                                        a warning will be displayed every 20 seconds,
                                        even though the space usage is checked every
                                        2 seconds.  This is used to throttle the
                                        number of warnings in the `nodeos` log file.
                                        Should be between 1 and 450.

Plugin Dependencies

  • None