How to create snapshot with full state history


This procedure creates a database containing the chain state, with full history since genesis state.

Before you begin


  1. Enable the producer_api_plugin on a node with full state-history.
Caution when using producer_api_plugin

Either use a firewall to block access to http-server-address, or change it to localhost:8888 to disable remote access.

  1. Create a portable snapshot:
curl | json_pp
  1. Wait for nodeos to process several blocks after the snapshot completed. The goal is for the state-history files to contain at least 1 more block than the portable snapshot has, and for the blocks.log file to contain the block after it has become irreversible.

If the block included in the portable snapshot is forked out, then the snapshot will be invalid. Repeat this process if this happens.

  1. Stop nodeos.
  2. Make backups of:

    • The newly-created portable snapshot (data/snapshots/snapshot-xxxxxxx.bin)
    • The contents of data/state-history:

      • chain_state_history.log
      • trace_history.log
      • chain_state_history.index: optional. Restoring will take longer without this file.
      • trace_history.index: optional. Restoring will take longer without this file.
    • Optional: the contents of data/blocks, but excluding data/blocks/reversible.