Manually write/edit an ABI file

  • Advanced features of the newest version of the ABI will require manual construction of the ABI, and odd and advanced C++ patterns could capsize the generator's type deductions. So having a good knowledge of how to write an ABI should be an essential piece of knowledge of a smart contract writer.
  • Please refer to Create an ABI File to learn about the different sections of an ABI.

Adding Ricardian Contracts and Clauses to ABI

  • The ABI generator will try to automatically import contracts and clauses into the generated ABI. There are a few caveats to this, one is a strict naming policy of the files and an HTML tag used to mark each Ricardian contract and each clause.
  • The Ricardian contracts should be housed in a file with the name <contract name> and the clauses should be in a file named <contract name>
  • For each Ricardian contract the header <h1 class="contract">ActionName</h1> should be used, as this directs the ABI generator to attach this Ricardian contract to the specified action.
  • For each Ricardian clause, the header <h1 class="clause">ClauseID</h1> should be used, as this directs the ABI generator to the clause id and the subsequent body.
  • The option -R has been added to eosio-cpp and eosio-abigen to add "resource" paths to search from, so you can place these files in any directory structure you like and use -R<path to file> in the same vein as -I for include paths.
  • For exemplification see