class eosio::kv::internal::index_base

Class List > eosio :: kv :: internal :: index_base

Public Attributes

Type Name
eosio::name index_name
eosio::name table_name
eosio::name contract_name

Protected Attributes

Type Name
table_base * tbl
key_type prefix


Type Name
friend class eosio::kv::table
friend class table_base
friend class iterator_base

Public Functions

Type Name
key_type to_table_key (const key_type & k) const

Protected Functions

Type Name
index_base () = default
index_base (eosio::name index_name, KF && kf, T *)
key_type get_key (const T & inst) const
key_type get_key_void (const void * ptr) const
void get (const key_type & key, void * ret_val, void(*)(void *, const void *, std::size_t) deserialize) const

Public Attributes Documentation

variable index_name

eosio::name eosio::kv::internal::index_base::index_name;

variable table_name

eosio::name eosio::kv::internal::index_base::table_name;

variable contract_name

eosio::name eosio::kv::internal::index_base::contract_name;

Protected Attributes Documentation

variable tbl

table_base* eosio::kv::internal::index_base::tbl;

variable prefix

key_type eosio::kv::internal::index_base::prefix;

Friends Documentation

friend eosio::kv::table

friend class eosio::kv::table;

friend table_base

friend class table_base;

friend iterator_base

friend class iterator_base;

Public Functions Documentation

function to_table_key

key_type eosio::kv::internal::index_base::to_table_key(
    const key_type & k
) const

Protected Functions Documentation

function index_base (1/2)

eosio::kv::internal::index_base::index_base() = default

function index_base (2/2)

template<typename KF, typename T>
    eosio::name index_name,
    KF && kf,
    T * 

function get_key

template<typename T>
key_type eosio::kv::internal::index_base::get_key(
    const T & inst
) const

function get_key_void

key_type eosio::kv::internal::index_base::get_key_void(
    const void * ptr
) const

function get

void eosio::kv::internal::index_base::get(
    const key_type & key,
    void * ret_val,
    void(*)(void *, const void *, std::size_t) deserialize
) const

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