namespace eosio::kv::internal_use_do_not_use

Class List > eosio :: kv :: internal_use_do_not_use


Type Name
const char * key
const char uint32_t key_size
const char uint32_t const char * value
const char uint32_t const char uint32_t value_size
const char uint32_t const char uint32_t uint64_t payer
char * data
char uint32_t data_size
const char * prefix
const char uint32_t size
uint32_t itr_b
uint32_t & found_key_size
uint32_t uint32_t & found_value_size
uint32_t offset
uint32_t char * dest
uint32_t char uint32_t uint32_t & actual_size


Type Name
__attribute__ ((eosio_wasm_import))

Variables Documentation

variable key

const char * eosio::kv::internal_use_do_not_use::key;

variable key_size

const char uint32_t eosio::kv::internal_use_do_not_use::key_size;

variable value

const char uint32_t const char* eosio::kv::internal_use_do_not_use::value;

variable value_size

const char uint32_t uint32_t & eosio::kv::internal_use_do_not_use::value_size;

variable payer

const char uint32_t const char uint32_t uint64_t eosio::kv::internal_use_do_not_use::payer;

variable data

char* eosio::kv::internal_use_do_not_use::data;

variable data_size

char uint32_t eosio::kv::internal_use_do_not_use::data_size;

variable prefix

const char* eosio::kv::internal_use_do_not_use::prefix;

variable size

uint32_t char uint32_t eosio::kv::internal_use_do_not_use::size;

variable itr_b

uint32_t eosio::kv::internal_use_do_not_use::itr_b;

variable found_key_size

const char uint32_t uint32_t & eosio::kv::internal_use_do_not_use::found_key_size;

variable found_value_size

const char uint32_t uint32_t uint32_t & eosio::kv::internal_use_do_not_use::found_value_size;

variable offset

uint32_t eosio::kv::internal_use_do_not_use::offset;

variable dest

uint32_t char * eosio::kv::internal_use_do_not_use::dest;

variable actual_size

uint32_t char uint32_t uint32_t & eosio::kv::internal_use_do_not_use::actual_size;

Functions Documentation

function __attribute__


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