How to vote


Vote for a block producer

Before you begin

  • Install the current supported version of cleos
  • Ensure the reference system contracts from eosio.contracts repository is deployed and used to manage system resources
  • Understand the following:

    • What is a block producer
    • How does voting works
  • Unlock your wallet


Assume you are going to vote for blockproducer1 and blockproducer2 from an account called eosiotestts2, execute the following:

cleos system voteproducer prods eosiotestts2 blockproducer1 blockproducer2

You should see something like below:

executed transaction: 2d8b58f7387aef52a1746d7a22d304bbbe0304481d7751fc4a50b619df62676d  128 bytes  374 us
#         eosio <= eosio::voteproducer          {"voter":"eosiotestts2","proxy":"","producers":["blockproducer1","blockproducer2"]}