How To Transfer An Eosio Token

To transfer an eosio token, submit a transaction to the transfer action of the account storing the token you wish to transfer.

In the example shown below useraaaaaaaa transfers 1.0000 EOS token stored in the eosio.token account from useraaaaaaaa to userbbbbbbbb.

(async () => {
  await api.transact({
    actions: [{
      account: 'eosio.token',
      name: 'transfer',
      authorization: [{
        actor: 'useraaaaaaaa',
        permission: 'active',
      data: {
        from: 'useraaaaaaaa',
        to: 'userbbbbbbbb',
        quantity: '1.0000 EOS',
        memo: 'some memo'
  }, {
    blocksBehind: 3,
    expireSeconds: 30,