Smart Contract Guides

The Smart Contract Guides section introduces many EOSIO concepts used in smart contract development. Follow these tutorials and learn the core features of smart contract development. The tutorials take you step by step through each topic and at the end of each tutorial you will have the knowledge to apply these to your own smart contract.

You will learn how to implement smart contracts with different functionalities such as token contracts, address book, payable actions, and more. You will gain advanced understanding on how data persistence works in the context of a smart contract and also how inline actions are implemented in a smart contract.

The reference guide, best practices and many how-to guides are available in the eosio.cdt manual.

Before you Begin

Before you begin the smart contracts development workflow, make sure the following prerequisites are met:

  1. You have a running blockchain which you can use to deploy and test your smart contracts. See the Running a Blockchain tutorial.
  2. You understand how to use and set up accounts. See the Accounts and Permissions tutorial.

Smart Contracts Development Workflow

Work your way through the following topics to build and deploy smart contracts: