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wasm-ql listens on an http port and answers the following:

  • POST binary data to http://host:port/wasmql/v1/query

    • The binary data includes a set of queries directed to particular server WASMs
    • wasm-ql passes each query to the appropriate WASM
    • wasm-ql collects the query replies and produces a binary response containing the replies
  • POST JSON query to http://host:port/v1/*

    • The legacy server WASM handles these requests
    • The WASM produces a JSON response
    • wasm-ql forwards the response to the client

Client WASMs provide these functions to js clients:

  • create_query_request(): Convert a JSON request to the binary format the server WASM expects
  • decode_query_response(): Convert a binary response from the server WASM to JSON
  • describe_query_request(): Describes the JSON request format to clients using JSON Schema
  • describe_query_response(): Describes the JSON response format to clients using JSON Schema

These legacy API functions are available to clients:

  • /v1/chain/get_abi: Retrieves the ABI of an account, if any.
  • /v1/chain/get_account: Retrieves account information, including code and abi but not including quotas, weights, or permissions.
  • /v1/chain/get_block: Retrieves block information. Does not include producer signature or transactions.
  • /v1/chain/get_code: Retrieves the WASM of an account, if any.
  • /v1/chain/get_currency_balance: Retrieves currency balance in the specified token for the given account accounted for with the given token account.
  • /v1/chain/get_producer_schedule: Retrieves up to 21 producers sorted by most votes.
  • /v1/chain/get_table_rows: Retrieves rows from arbitrary tables created by contracts.
  • /v1/history/get_transaction: Retrieves a transaction by transaction id.
  • /v1/history/get_actions: Retrieves transaction actions affecting the given receipt receiver.