cleos create key [OPTIONS]


Note: The arguments and options enclosed in square brackets are optional.


Use this command to create a new keypair and print the public and private keys

Command Usage

The following information shows the different positionals and options you can use with the cleos create key command:


  • none


  • -h,--help - Print this help message and exit
  • --r1 - Generate a key using the R1 curve (iPhone), instead of the K1 curve (Bitcoin)
  • -f,--file TEXT - Name of file to write private/public key output to. (Must be set, unless "--to-console" is passed
  • --to-console - Print private/public keys to console


For prerequisites to run this command, see the Before you Begin section of the How to Create Keypairs topic.


The following examples demonstrate the cleos create key command:

Example 1. Create a new public/private keypair and print the output to the console:

cleos create key --to-console
Private key: 5KPzrqNMJdr6AX6abKg*******************************cH
Public key: EOS4wSiQ2jbYGrqiiKCm8oWR88NYoqnmK4nNL1RCtSQeSFkGtqsNc

Example 2. Create a new public/private keypair and save it to a file named pw.txt:

cleos create key --file pw.txt         
saving keys to pw.txt