Retrieves the contents of a database table

Positional Parameters

account TEXT - The account who owns the table where the smart contract was deployed

scope TEXT - The scope within the contract in which the table is found

table TEXT - The name of the table as specified by the contract abi


-l,--limit UINT - The maximum number of rows to return

-k,--key TEXT - (Deprecated) The name of the key to index by as defined by the abi, defaults to primary key

-L,--lower TEXT - JSON representation of lower bound value of key, defaults to first

-U,--upper TEXT - JSON representation of upper bound value value of key, defaults to last

--index TEXT - Index number, 1: primary (first), 2: secondary index (in order defined by multi_index), 3: third index, etc. Number or name of index can be specified, e.g. secondary or 2

--key-type TEXT - The key type of --index; primary only supports i64. All others support i64, i128, i256, float64, float128, ripemd160, sha256. Special type name indicates an account name

--encode-type TEXT - The encoding type of --key_type; dec for decimal encoding of (i[64|128|256], float[64|128]); hex for hexadecimal encoding of (i256, ripemd160, sha256)

-b,--binary UINT - Return the value as BINARY rather than using abi to interpret as JSON

-r,--reverse - Iterate in reverse order

--show-payer - Show RAM payer


Get the data from the accounts table for the eosio.token contract, for user eosio,

cleos get table eosio.token eosio accounts
  "rows": [{
      "balance": "999999920.0000 SYS"
  "more": false