Retrieves the contents of a database table

Positional Parameters

contract TEXT - The contract who owns the table

scope TEXT - The scope within the contract in which the table is found

table TEXT - The name of the table as specified by the contract abi


-b,--binary UINT - Return the value as BINARY rather than using abi to interpret as JSON

-l,--limit UINT - The maximum number of rows to return

-k,--key TEXT - The name of the key to index by as defined by the abi, defaults to primary key

-L,--lower TEXT - JSON representation of lower bound value of key, defaults to first

-U,--upper TEXT - JSON representation of upper bound value value of key, defaults to last


Get the data from the accounts table for the eosio.token contract, for user eosio,

cleos get table eosio.token eosio accounts
  "rows": [{
      "balance": "999999920.0000 SYS"
  "more": false