How To Undelegate Net


Undelegate resource for an account or application

Beware that only the account which originally delegated resource can undelegate

Before you begin

  • Install the currently supported version of cleos
  • Ensure the reference system contracts from eosio.contracts repository is deployed and used to manage system resources
  • Understand the following:

    • What is an account
    • What is network bandwidth
    • What is CPU bandwidth


Undelegate 0.01 SYS network bandwidth from account alice back to account bob:

cleos system undelegatebw bob alice "0 SYS" "0.01 SYS"

You should see something below:

executed transaction: e7e7edb6c5556de933f9d663fea8b4a9cd56ece6ff2cebf056ddd0835efa6606  184 bytes  452 us
#         eosio <= eosio::undelegatebw          {"from":"alice","receiver":"bob","unstake_net_quantity":"0.01 EOS","unstake_cpu_qu...
warning: transaction executed locally, but may not be confirmed by the network yet         ]