How To Import A Key


This how-to guide provides instructions on how to import a private key into the keosd default wallet. You can use the private key to authorize transactions in an EOSIO blockchain.

Before you begin

Make sure you meet the following requirements:

  • Create a default wallet using the cleos wallet create command. See the How to Create a Wallet section for instructions.
  • Open and unlock the created wallet.
  • Familiarize with the cleos wallet import command.
  • Install the currently supported version of cleos.


    cleos is bundled with the EOSIO software. Installing EOSIO will also install cleos.

  • Understand what a public key and private key is.

Command Reference

See the following reference guide for cleos command line usage and related options:


The following steps show how to import a private key to an existing keosd default wallet:

  1. Run the following command to import a private key into the default wallet. The command prompts to enter a private key:
cleos wallet import
private key:
  1. Enter the private key and hit Enter.

Example Output The command confirms that the private key is imported correctly by displaying the corresponding public key:

imported private key for: EOS8FBXJUfbANf3xeDWPoJxnip3Ych9HjzLBr1VaXRQFdkVAxwLE7


By following these instructions, you are able to import a private key to the default wallet.