History Plugin

Deprecation Notice

The history_plugin is deprecated and will no longer be maintained. Please use the state_history_plugin or the trace_api_plugin instead.


The history_plugin provides a cache layer to obtain historical data about the blockchain objects. It depends on chain_plugin for the data.


# config.ini
plugin = eosio::history_plugin
# command-line
nodeos ... --plugin eosio::history_plugin [options]


These can be specified from both the nodeos command-line or the config.ini file:

Config Options for eosio::history_plugin:
  -f [ --filter-on ] arg                Track actions which match 
                                        receiver:action:actor. Actor may be 
                                        blank to include all. Action and Actor 
                                        both blank allows all from Recieiver. 
                                        Receiver may not be blank.
  -F [ --filter-out ] arg               Do not track actions which match 
                                        receiver:action:actor. Action and Actor
                                        both blank excludes all from Reciever. 
                                        Actor blank excludes all from 
                                        reciever:action. Receiver may not be