Contracts API

C++ Contracts API for chain-dependent smart-contract functionality.


  • Action Defines type-safe C++ wrappers for querying action and sending action.
  • Contract Defines contract type which is base class for every EOSIO contract.
  • Dispatcher Defines C++ functions to dispatch action to proper action handler inside a contract.
  • Key Value Map
  • Multi Index Table
  • Permission Defines C++ API functions for validating authorization of keys and permissions.
  • Privileged Defines C++ Privileged API.
  • Producer Key Maps producer with its signing key, used for producer schedule.
  • Producer Schedule Defines both the order, account name, and signing keys of the active set of producers.
  • Producer Authority Maps producer with its a flexible authority structure, used for producer schedule.
  • Security Group Defines C++ security group API.
  • Singleton Table Defines EOSIO Singleton Table used with multiindex.
  • Key Value Table
  • Transaction Type-safe C++ wrappers for transaction C API.
  • System Defines wrappers over eosio_assert.