struct eosio::kv::detail::packed_view

Class List > eosio :: kv :: detail :: packed_view

Public Types

Type Name
typedef char * iterator
typedef const char * const_iterator

Public Attributes

Type Name
char * ptr
std::size_t sz

Public Functions

Type Name
packed_view () = default
constexpr packed_view (char * p, std::size_t s)
constexpr char * data ()
constexpr const char * data () const
constexpr std::size_t size () const
constexpr const_iterator begin () const
constexpr const_iterator end () const

Public Types Documentation

typedef iterator

using eosio::kv::detail::packed_view::iterator =  char*;

typedef const_iterator

using eosio::kv::detail::packed_view::const_iterator =  const char*;

Public Attributes Documentation

variable ptr

char* eosio::kv::detail::packed_view::ptr;

variable sz

std::size_t eosio::kv::detail::packed_view::sz;

Public Functions Documentation

function packed_view (1/2)

eosio::kv::detail::packed_view::packed_view() = default

function packed_view (2/2)

constexpr eosio::kv::detail::packed_view::packed_view(
    char * p,
    std::size_t s

function data (1/2)

constexpr char* eosio::kv::detail::packed_view::data()

function data (2/2)

constexpr const char* eosio::kv::detail::packed_view::data() const

function size

constexpr std::size_t eosio::kv::detail::packed_view::size() const

function begin

constexpr const_iterator eosio::kv::detail::packed_view::begin() const

function end

constexpr const_iterator eosio::kv::detail::packed_view::end() const

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