struct eosio::kv_parameters

Class List > eosio :: kv_parameters

Public Attributes

Type Name
uint32_t max_key_size
The maximum key size.
uint32_t max_value_size
The maximum value size.
uint32_t max_iterators
The maximum number of iterators.

Detailed Description

Tunable KV configuration that can be changed via consensus

Public Attributes Documentation

variable max_key_size

uint32_t eosio::kv_parameters::max_key_size;

The maximum key size.

The maximum key size

variable max_value_size

uint32_t eosio::kv_parameters::max_value_size;

The maximum value size.

The maximum value size

variable max_iterators

uint32_t eosio::kv_parameters::max_iterators;

The maximum number of iterators.

The maximum number of iterators

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