class eosio::block_timestamp

Class List > eosio :: block_timestamp

Public Attributes

Type Name
uint32_t slot

Public Static Attributes

Type Name
static constexpr int32_t block_interval_ms
static constexpr int64_t block_timestamp_epoch

Public Functions

Type Name
block_timestamp (uint32_t s = 0)
block_timestamp (const time_point & t)
block_timestamp (const time_point_sec & t)
block_timestamp next () const
time_point to_time_point () const
operator time_point () const
void operator= (const time_point & t)
bool operator> (const block_timestamp & t) const
bool operator>= (const block_timestamp & t) const
bool operator< (const block_timestamp & t) const
bool operator<= (const block_timestamp & t) const
bool operator== (const block_timestamp & t) const
bool operator!= (const block_timestamp & t) const

Public Static Functions

Type Name
static block_timestamp maximum ()
static block_timestamp min ()


Type Name
friend DataStream & operator<<
friend DataStream & operator>>

Detailed Description

This class is used in the block headers to represent the block time It is a parameterised class that takes an Epoch in milliseconds and and an interval in milliseconds and computes the number of slots.

Public Attributes Documentation

variable slot

uint32_t eosio::block_timestamp::slot;

Public Static Attributes Documentation

variable block_interval_ms

constexpr int32_t eosio::block_timestamp::block_interval_ms;

variable block_timestamp_epoch

constexpr int64_t eosio::block_timestamp::block_timestamp_epoch;

Public Functions Documentation

function block_timestamp (1/3)

explicit eosio::block_timestamp::block_timestamp(
    uint32_t s = 0

function block_timestamp (2/3)

    const time_point & t

function block_timestamp (3/3)

    const time_point_sec & t

function next

block_timestamp eosio::block_timestamp::next() const

function to_time_point

time_point eosio::block_timestamp::to_time_point() const

function operator time_point

eosio::block_timestamp::operator time_point() const

function operator=

void eosio::block_timestamp::operator=(
    const time_point & t

function operator>

bool eosio::block_timestamp::operator>(
    const block_timestamp & t
) const

function operator>=

bool eosio::block_timestamp::operator>=(
    const block_timestamp & t
) const

function operator<

bool eosio::block_timestamp::operator<(
    const block_timestamp & t
) const

function operator<=

bool eosio::block_timestamp::operator<=(
    const block_timestamp & t
) const

function operator==

bool eosio::block_timestamp::operator==(
    const block_timestamp & t
) const

function operator!=

bool eosio::block_timestamp::operator!=(
    const block_timestamp & t
) const

Public Static Functions Documentation

function maximum

static static block_timestamp eosio::block_timestamp::maximum()

function min

static static block_timestamp eosio::block_timestamp::min()

Friends Documentation

friend operator<<

template<typename DataStream>
DataStream& operator<<(
    DataStream & ds,
    const block_timestamp & t

friend operator>>

template<typename DataStream>
DataStream& operator>>(
    DataStream & ds,
    block_timestamp & t

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