Transaction C++ API

Type-safe C++ wrappers for transaction C API. More...



Detailed Description

An inline message allows one contract to send another contract a message which is processed immediately after the current message's processing ends such that the success or failure of the parent transaction is dependent on the success of the message. If an inline message fails in processing then the whole tree of transactions and actions rooted in the block will me marked as failing and none of effects on the database will persist. Inline actions and Deferred transactions must adhere to the permissions available to the parent transaction or, in the future, delegated to the contract account for future use.


There are some methods from the transactioncapi that can be used directly from C++

Typedefs Documentation

typedef extension

typedef std::tuple<uint16_t, std::vector<char> > eosio::extension;

typedef extensions_type

typedef std::vector<extension> eosio::extensions_type;