namespace eosio::detail

Class List > eosio :: detail


Type Name
struct check_types
struct check_types< Action, I, T >
struct convert
struct convert< char * >
struct convert< const char * >
struct get_nth
struct get_nth_impl
struct get_nth_impl< N, N, Arg, Args... >
struct is_same
struct is_same< bool, U >
struct is_same< T, bool >
struct to_const_char_arr
struct unwrap
struct unwrap< ignore< T > >


Type Name
typedef decltype(get_args(Action)) deduced
typedef decltype(get_args_nounwrap(Action)) deduced_nounwrap


Type Name
auto get_args (R(Act::*)(Args...) p)
auto get_args_nounwrap (R(Act::*)(Args...) p)
constexpr bool type_check ()

Typedefs Documentation

typedef deduced

using eosio::detail::deduced = typedef decltype(get_args(Action));

typedef deduced_nounwrap

using eosio::detail::deduced_nounwrap = typedef decltype(get_args_nounwrap(Action));

Functions Documentation

function get_args

template<typename R, typename Act, typename... Args>
auto eosio::detail::get_args(
    R(Act::*)(Args...) p

function get_args_nounwrap

template<typename R, typename Act, typename... Args>
auto eosio::detail::get_args_nounwrap(
    R(Act::*)(Args...) p

function type_check

template<auto Action, typename... Ts>
constexpr bool eosio::detail::type_check()

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