Core API

C++ Core API for chain-agnostic smart-contract functionality.


  • Asset Defines C++ API for managing assets.
  • Binary Extension Container to hold a binary payload for an extension.
  • System Defines wrappers over eosio_assert.
  • Data Stream Defines data stream for reading and writing data in the form of bytes.
  • Fixed Size Byte Array Fixed size array of bytes sorted lexicographically.
  • Ignore Enables telling the datastream to ignore this type, but allowing abi generator to add the correct type.
  • Name EOSIO Name Type.
  • Console Defines C++ wrapper to log/print text messages.
  • Serialize Defines C++ API to serialize and deserialize object.
  • Symbol Defines C++ API for managing symbols.
  • Time Classes for working with time.
  • Variable Length Integer Type Defines variable length integer type which provides more efficient serialization.