Smart Contract Guides

This section introduces you to the EOSIO smart contracts development workflow. You build your first basic Hello World smart contract to lay the groundwork to implement additional smart contracts such as token contracts, address book, payable actions, and more. You will gain advanced understanding on how data persistence works in the context of a smart contract and also how inline actions are implemented in a smart contract.

Before you Begin

Before you begin with the smart contracts development workflow, make sure the following prerequisites are met:

  1. You have set up your local development environment according to the instructions given in the Set Up Development Environment section of the Getting Started Guide.
  2. Nodeos is running and producing blocks. See the Start keosd and nodeos section of the Getting Started Guide for detailed instructions.

Smart Contracts Development Workflow

Work your way through the following topics to build and deploy smart contracts. Start with Hello World and progressively build the other smart contracts.