What is EOSIO

The EOSIO blockchain platform is the next-generation, open-source platform with industry-leading transaction speed and a flexible utility. As a blockchain platform, EOSIO is designed for enterprise-grade use cases and built for both public and private blockchain deployments. EOSIO is customizable to suit a wide range of business needs across industries with role-based permissions system and secure application transactions processing.

Building distributed applications on EOSIO follows familiar development patterns and programming languages used for developing non-blockchain applications. For application developers, familiarity with the development environment results in a seamless user experience as it allows developers to use their preferred development tools.

The EOSIO platform provides functionalities such as accounts, authentication, databases, asynchronous communication, and the scheduling of applications across multiple CPU cores and clusters. These functionalities are also common in non-blockchain software development environments.

About Blockchain

A blockchain is a decentralized infrastructure software without a centralized entity controlling the blockchain. Blockchains are defined in many ways but they all share the common attributes of being decentralized, immutable, traceable, and transparent.

The transactions recorded on the blockchain form an immutable history of the blockchain. Any transaction or change in the blockchain history is traceable and can be audited, thus, making the blockchain history transparent.

What's Next?

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  • Protocol: Understand the protocols that makes up an EOSIO blockchain